Global School of Open Learning (GSOL), is an integral part of the Center for Global Leadership Development (CGLD). 
GSOL offers programmes through the disciplines of Distance Learning (DE) and Online (myGSOL).

myGSOL is the eLearning environment of the Global School of Open Learning.  

At GSOL, we recognise the uniqueness of every individual and the difference in learning styles. Acknowledging this, we have initiated myGSOL – 1Credit @ aTime.  This channel then is an option to those who are adept (proficient and adaptable) at machine enabled learning, an option to study in one's innate learning environment. 


Machine enabled learning has been on the scene of education from the early 1970s and has evolved as one of the most widely employed media of delivery for distance education today.  Though the advantages of eLearning mode of delivery are many, it must be noted that the harnessing of these advantages is dependent on the design of the courses and related assessments.
Some of the obvious advantages of eLearning courses as observed are listed here for your consideration;

♦ Anytime, Anywhere

When compared to the other modes of delivery, eLearning has the obvious advantage of accessibility.  Now, learning can take place anywhere, from any part of the world at anytime, as you choose. So, there is no constrain of time and space.

♦ Learner Oriented

In a traditional programme, education is mostly teacher-oriented.  It is generally timed by the teacher and dependent on the availability of the teacher.  However, in eLearning, the material is designed in such a way that you could study by yourself and the platform guides you as a teacher does in the classroom. Learning is now, no more contingent to the availability or constraints of a teacher. 

♦ Interactive

Being an ODE programme, many people consider eLearning as equivalent to correspondence education –  devoid of interaction with peers and subject experts.  This challenge is well addressed in myGSOL, as the programme-structure requires a continuous and ongoing interaction both with peers and subject experts.

♦ Portable

One of the biggest challenges of ODE programmes, in general, is that of carrying books around.  myGSOL efficiently addresses this issue by making the learning resources available on digital-devices.  So now, volumes of learning resources could be carried and studied with ease.

♦ Time Conscious

Unlike most of the ODE programmes, which is self-paced, myGSOL has designed the programmes to be completed within a pre-defined time period, enabling a faster accomplishment of the objective.

♦ Affordable

ODE programmes are popular not only for its accessibility but also for their affordability.  A myGSOL learner when compared to a fulltime scholar, spends only a fraction of the cost for a similar programme.

While eLearning has become popular among the urbanites, we also recognise it may not engage everyone equally. So we welcome all those with an aptitude for eLearning into myGSOL – 1Credit @ aTime.

Last modified: Tuesday, 4 August 2020, 1:59 PM