Diploma and Post-Graduate Diploma (PGDPM)

Diploma and Post-Graduate Diploma (PGDPM) certifications are designed to equip the learner in achieving her/his immediate need for theological education and enhancement of ministerial skills.

A Post-Graduate Diploma in any of the given concentration will require approximately 30 credit hours of work over a span of two years, while a Diploma commands around 20 credit hours of work over a period of one year. The flexibility of working the achieved credits into a full-fledged M.A./M.Div. degree is a built-in advantage of these certifications.

Credit Hours

    • Depends on the Concentration/Specialization you want to choose.
    • 1Credit @ aTime
    • Badges and Level Certificates offered

Expected Learning Outcomes

  1. A definite understanding of the courses within the concentration enrolled for
  2. Deepen personal commitment, discipleship and Christian maturity
  3. Develop specific skill in the field of a chosen concentration
    Graduation Requirements

    1. Mandatory attendance for all the synchronous sessions
    2. Successful completion of the required credit hours of course work.

    N.B. Kindly see the Course Catalog for the proposed curriculum.