Customised courses towards fulfilling a specific need at Master's Level

CREATE: Study and Research Methods
Shaiju Thomas

CREATE: Study and Research Methods

This course deals with the topic of Create and is a continuation of the formation in Study and Research Methods. The learner should have completed the topics like Self, Know and Think in a Face2Face Session, before taking this course.

This part of the course will employ a blended approach with two live synchronised sessions  and other mentored session as per the need of the learner.  

By the end of learning this, the learner should be able to;

  1. do critical reflection of any piece of writing
  2. present the inferences, inferences and deductions creatively through report and essay writings 
  3. understand the parts of a paper 
  4. format the paper according to the requirements of GSOL
  5. reason the need for giving citations
  6. give citation for the referenced work in Turabian format

The learner will also be exposed to the basic standards of Academic Integrity and Grading Standards.